white sage
white sage
sacred feminine
white sage
white sage
sacred feminine

white sage herbal water

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white sage herbal water was made using steam distillation methods in a traditional copper still, all the way from the wildflower meadows of California, where Aquarian Soul's creator, Ally, lives. the sage leaves were ethically hand-picked first thing in the morning to retain their full fragrance by Ally, fresh from her own medicinal herb garden. sage is a highly protective and cleansing herb used traditionally by indigenous communities to rid the air of negative energies.



spray into the air to cleanse and purify your sacred space. use in place of a traditional smudge wand to prepare your space for ritual or to rid it of negative energies. can also be used as a facial toner, or light fragrance.



this blend is infused with clear quartz and green aventurine for clarity and prosperity. 



Ingredients: Salvia apiana (white sage)**, Purified water, Clear quartz, Aventurine (*organic)(**wildcrafted)

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