White Witch Collective goes beyond crystals. We offer Reiki healing, Reiki attunements, courses and 1:1 sessions, including energy cleansing, tarot and spiritual guidance. This is all with me, Olivia, shop owner and fully qualified, insured and UKRF accredited Reiki Master.

Reiki Lineage

Reiki translates as 'universal life-force energy' and it is our belief that Reiki has been around since the dawn of time, by definition. Notable figures in my lineage include the Venerable Seiji Takamori (Zen monk), Chujiro Hiyashi, Hawayo Takata and Dr Usui, himself. My Reiki Master-teacher pioneered the movement of Reiki healing into the clinical space of the NHS across London and Bristol, working at the BRI, London oncology wards and children’s hospitals. It is an honour to have been her apprentice.

What Is Reiki Healing?

Reiki is a gentle, non-invasive, fully-clothed, hands-on healing technique that realigns the energy systems of the body, breaking down emotional blockages caused by stress and trauma that manifest as physical, psychological or emotional pain.

~ Reiki is for the purpose of making us feel better and is a profoundly therapeutic, cathartic and relaxing experience ~

Western medicine is predicated on Renaissance notions of the body as machine. This is limiting. We are so much more. We are spiritual beings having a human experience, not humans having a spiritual experience.

Spiritual Guidance

Olivia has extensive experience in the world of spirituality, so enjoys offering spiritual guidance during sessions, if it is asked. Her favourite areas include personal power and protection, the paranormal, manifesting abundance, spiritual entrepreneur mentorship, and the tarot.

Who Is Reiki For?

At White Witch Collective, our practice is intersectional and inclusive. Reiki is for anyone who feels called, but our regulars come for mainly emotional support on some of the following matters:

- love | heartbreak | divorce | getting over an ex

- grief | bereavement | loss

- low mood | feelings of anxiety | stress | sleep

- confusion | feeling stuck or blocked | stagnation

removing blocks around love, passion, abundance, stability

physical pain

calming mind | balancing body | deep rest

*please note: if you feel unwell mentally, physically or emotionally, always speak to your GP

Olivia has a traceable lineage to Dr Usui.

(Certifications and UK Reiki Federation membership available on request).

Let's unfold the road ahead, together.

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