origin stories

Origin Stories

The Crystals

Our crystals are gypsy gems and sorcerers' stones; travelling ancient trade routes across land and sea to reach you. Every crystal hums with the echoes of the land they were conceived and born in. You'll hold space for part of that distant land, forever in your heart and forever in your home.


Our Indian apophyllite and zeolite specimens are found in glittering underground palaces, reaching through the Maharashtra district of Northern India, studded with stilbite. East of Mumbai, this region is dense with jungle and jewels and the mist that rises from the thundering waterfalls of the Waghur (tiger) River.

The Jungle Book sprung to life.

If you follow the great river through rocky valleys, draped in snakes and vines, gaping mouths loom through the mists: entrances to the world's most-loved heritage site - the Ajanta Caves.

Accidentally rediscovered in the April of 1819, by a colonial British soldier in pursuit of a tiger, the caves have remained a mystery. Bushwhacking his way through tangled foliage, his sword hit stone: ancient temple carvings. Profoundly sacred, this place has a quietly omniscient presence amidst the jungle's cacophony.

God-like, it knows things we cannot know.

Mystery shrouds the construction of these ancient prayer halls as they are feats of incredible architecture, long before their time, carved as if by magic into a crescent moon cliff face. The presence of ancient Indian art and stupas associates the site with Buddhist monks, so it's speculated that this was once a temple sanctuary, from beyond a thousand years ago.

This is the land that our Indian crystals come from. Our wonderful friend, Tausif, manages the mining processes, just as his father before him. By association, these rocks and minerals possess a sense of the jungle's mystery, shimmering through the darkness. A sense of the road less travelled. A certain magic is imbued within their sparkling surfaces and frosted facets. The same magic that dances through the trees with the panthers and birds, flowing through the cleansing waters of the mighty Waghur River. You can almost hear the stampede of waterfalls, the ancient chanting of Buddhist monks in the quiet temples and the peace of stars above the canopy at nightfall.

A glittering fragment of India and all her glorious stories, held forever in your palm.

The Himalayas

Shohab is himself Pakistani. He now lives in the UK, but frequently travels home to check up on the quartz caves, friends and family. He follows in the mineral-mining footsteps of his father and grandfather before him and has such genuine love and respect for the crystals - especially precious stones, like aquamarine, the traveller's stone. He is the most generous, warm-hearted person we know, with fond childhood memories of his crystal stall in the bustling markets of Islamabad, bartering with tourists in the shade of stretched linen. Colourful scenes from Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist.

Our Himalayan collection is full of treasures.

An ancient Tibetan text, the Jigten Chagtsul, maintains that the origins of the world are rooted in the Himalayas, specifically, the Cosmic Mountain, known as Sumeru, or Meru ('may-roo'). From the dark void of time arose a mighty mountain with four faces. The North, made of gold; the South of malachite; the East of crystal and the West of silver. Trees flourished from the peak, and an abundance of flowers and fruits. So tranquil was this space that the gods settled here, made it their home, and so we see the translation of the Himalayas as 'snow abode' in all its glory.

The tremendous strength, wisdom and potent magic of the world's most iconic mountain range is present in these crystals. May they be your guides.


From the dusty streets of Curvelo, to the crystal capital of Minas Gerais, you'll find our friends: José (Zé), Simon and Denny. Denny is part Brazilian, part New Yorker, with an adventurous spirit and sunny laughter. Simon has travelled the world over in search of fossils and minerals for decades, and Zé is a practising shaman.

With a South American lineage of ancient wisdom, he is well versed in the metaphysical properties behind these crystals. They are imbued with deep magic, having passed through his hands. There are many sacred places near his hometown, far from the madding crowd, where he sits with his crystals and muses on the moon.

And so, you see that your crystals are not just crystals, after all, but the culmination and glorious embodiment of stories from distant lands, far across the sea.

The next chapter starts with you.