about us

About us

Founder's Story

Hey, I'm Olivia

I have forever been in-tune with spirituality, in touch with nature: muddy-kneed, hugging trees, digging in the earth for rocks and shiny things. My story with crystals really began in the balmy Bristol summer of 2018, when a supernatural experience led me to black tourmaline for its protective, grounding qualities. I rediscovered crystals as anchors for stability and, combined with Reiki, found the secret formula to a happier life. I couldn't keep it to myself.

White Witch Collective took flight.

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Passionate About Mental Health

Adversity at school resulted in severe anxiety, PTSD and the abandonment of my education. This was debilitating. 'Normal' jobs were out of the question. Lack of qualifications closed many doors. It felt shameful to have a hole in my CV that I could not explain for fear of discrimination.

Paying rent from the depths of an overdraft was impossible.

I hit rock bottom (pun intended).

Then I began sharing crystals with the world, and everything fell into place. I finally found my calling. Conflict makes the warrior. It is in the face of adversity that we blossom.

Mental health awareness is close to my heart and I regularly speak out about it.

Conscious Sourcing

We soulfully source our stones with the help of trusted friends: Tausif, Shohab, Simon, Denny and Zé. Our work supports their families, communities and industry. We think of our sourcing as conscious, organic and transparent because we care about the people behind the crystals, unlike many retailers who simply buy wholesale online, without communicating with the people on the ground.

We make a point of never bartering. To do so would be to disrespect the people, the land and the stones. It would not be ethical, and we pride ourselves on our crystal-clear ethics. We pay what is asked of us.

That is fair and that is ethical.

That is what makes us a 'high-vibe' crystal shop.

Origin Stories

Museum Grade Crystals

Notably, some of our high grade crystals are sourced from the same origins and suppliers as specimens at the Natural History Museum, so you can be sure that your crystals are the finest around. 

“we are for the spiritually curious,
bohemian dreamer and soulful star-gazer,
the crystal collector and witchy wayfarer,
local tourist and sun-drenched traveller,
those who've decided 'this is my hour,'
we are for those reclaiming their power.”