Stilbite Properties

soother of souls

"the quieter you become, the more you can hear" - Ram Dass
crystal meaning at a glance:
~ calming ~ nourishing ~ heartspace ~ unblocking ~ healing ~ sacral chakra ~ ~ wombspace ~ sensuality ~ softness ~ self-care ~ gentleness


peach stilbite meaning

Stilbite is of the zeolite family and comes in many forms and colours, most popularly, in neat, orange bow formations, like the kind tied in little girls' hair. There is a certain charm to them.

From the Greek, 'stilbein,' stilbite means 'to shine,' due to its pearly lustre that catches warm sun, encouraging you to shimmer brightly too.

~ step into that light; you are light ~

peach stilbite

metaphysical properties

JOY CODES - vibrating with the intrinsic energy of Universal Love, stilbite has the power to cleanse you completely of unwanted lingering energies whilst balancing the heart chakra with its warm peachy glow. This crystal emits joy. Anything that doesn't bring you complete joy will be blasted from your energy field. Anything that doesn't align with your Higher Self, gone. Hold or have nearby during times of rest and meditation for an enhanced state of relaxation, or simply to infuse your home with loving calm.

SELF-CARE - today's buzzword. Sit with stilbite to enhance your own self-are experiences. Be it reading a book, soaking in the bath, or watching Netflix, stilbite is the stone of self-care.

This crystal holds space for you and your family. A wonderful tonic to the home, it balances those who dwell within.

~ open to peace, expand the heart chakra, lead with love ~

peach stilbite meaning
HEARTSPACE - peach stilbite is energetically therapeutic to the heart chakra, tenderly encouraging any stagnant energy related to emotional trauma to disappear.
SACRAL CHAKRA - being the orangey colour of the fiery sacral chakra, peach stilbite is associated with passion, creativity and sensuality, all housed in this energy centre. If life in the bedroom needs a boost or you're keen to inject some passion and motivation into projects and relationships, welcome this stone into your life.
GROUNDING - stilbite occurs in gorgeous bronze tones too and can be very tonal. Usually, these darker, more earthy colours bring with them a sense of calmness and grounding, as opposed to the more vivacious bright oranges and sensual reds.
~ any crystal can be used for any chakra. It's all about feeling into it and going where you are led ~


peach stilbite
how to work with stilbite
It's easy to overthink this. Bath, bed, bra, wallet or yoga mat. There's no right way about it. Go where you feel guided.
~ just hang out with your crystals. that's all there is to it ~
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 *disclaimer: always seek medical advice if you are unwell; never rely on crystals*

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