Smoky Quartz Properties

sultry stones and dulcet tones

If you want to find the secrets of the universe you must think in terms of Energy, Frequency, and Vibration" - Nikola Tesla

Shady times call for shady measures. Smoky quartz is an effective amulet for spiritual protection and is extremely grounding due to its earthy pigmentation. If you gravitate towards this crystal, it’s time to heal and reclaim your power. 
smoky quartz meaning

smoky quartz properties at a glance:

~ protection ~ grounding ~ cleansing ~ healing ~ energy refresh ~ detoxifying ~ anti-anxiety ~ vibration-raising ~ calmness ~ spiritual sedative ~ tranquillising

metaphysical properties

ANXIETY - we swear by smoky quartz for its tranquillising effects. as such, it has proven itself to be an ally when dealing with anxiety. Suffering with severe anxiety and PTSD herself, Olivia, our founder, recommends smoky quartz crystals to exhausted empaths, emotional over-extenders, energy-sponges and sensitive souls.
smoky quartz
SPIRITUAL SEDATIVE - the colour of the deep earth, smoky quartz is profoundly effective at grounding the body and stilling the mind. If you're one of those people who's always rushing and can never seem to sit still, try hanging out with this crystal. The ability to practise mindfulness and grounding is instrumental in alleviating the symptoms of anxiety and preventing panic attacks. Smoky quartz provides a visual focal point when breathing or meditating through stress and offers its supportive metaphysical qualities too.

PROTECTION + ELECTROMAGNETISM - having been exposed to radiation during its formation, smoky quartz dispels electromagnetic waves from electronic devices, which is healing for our wellbeing in the modern world. We've also found it effective at shamanic force field work; fortifying our energy field; protecting our auras. Protection is a popular theme in this industry - be it from negative energies in human or spirit form, or from computers. If we obsess over this, we run the risk of attracting these fears to us in some perverse reverse psychology. This is manifestation in action: where the mind goes, energy flows. That said, negative energy does exist and if you sleep better with a protective crystal by your bed, then go for it.


smoky quartz meaning


The chakras are energy portals found in the body. Dotted from the top of the crown to the soles of the feet, they are aligned within our physical form and are susceptible to blockages and imbalances when emotions aren't processed properly e.g. shock, trauma.

ROOT CHAKRA - ruby-red and responsible for making us feel rooted, grounded and safe, when out of alignment, the root chakra can lead us to feel unstable, wobbly, anxious, floaty, without purpose or direction. When people experience a lack of abundance, passion or lustful experiences, it can be due to a blockage here.

EARTH STAR CHAKRA - of the transpersonal chakras, this black energy centre is located at the feet and is shaped like a disc, or vinyl. Like the root, this space is also associated with connection to self and surroundings.

Smoky quartz is a tonic to both these chakras, but has positive, healing effects on the entire energy system.


smoky quartz properties


how to work with smoky quartz

Don't overthink this. allow yourself to be guided. Perhaps place this crystal in the left (receiving) palm to welcome in grounding energy.

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 *disclaimer: always seek medical advice if you are unwell; never rely on crystals*


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