Pink Amethyst Properties

The heart-healer, joy-bringer, womb-warmer and life-line to happiness.
“Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion.”
― Rumi
 pink amethyst crystal meaning at a glance:

~ radiance ~ divine feminine energy ~ healing  ~ rest ~ wombspace ~ heartspace ~ warmth ~ deep love ~ romance ~ sensuality ~ romantic closure ~ partnership ~ union ~ companionship ~ friendship ~ mother-child bond ~ female bloodline ~ moonblood ~ peace ~ harmony ~ trust ~ forgiveness ~ building bridges
pink amethysts
Sourced soulfully from the wild plains of Patagonia, the exotic and rare pink amethyst is a highly desirable beauty within the crystal kingdom. Here are the pink amethyst properties you need to know about:
~ may love always find you ~
HEARTSPACE - being the concomitant colour of the rosy heart chakra (pale pink), pink amethyst crystals may offer energetic healing support when navigating a painful chapter in life. Be it a break-up (or 'breakthrough', as we like to call them), a loss or redundancy, pink amethyst crystal meaning brings deep truth and closure on these difficult matters of the heart. Through facilitating a profound connection with your heart chakra, old emotional wounds may be exposed for healing to take place. Metaphysically speaking, closure may finally be found on painful past experiences. If you struggle with moving on from someone, or letting go, this may be the crystal for you, as it is the stone of compassion and forgiveness. To paraphrase Confucius - if you seek revenge, first dig two graves. Life is so much more delicious when we hand our problems and anger over to the universe and trust that fate and karma will happen to whoever caused us pain. There is great freedom to be found in forgiveness, and pink amethyst crystals facilitate this.
pink amethyst crystals
WOMBSPACE - being the colour associated with the wombspace (note 'space' does not necessarily imply the need to possess a physical womb), the magic of pink amethyst goes deep in returning us to the creative centres where the flames of passion meet the healing waters of cleansing and inner-peace. Pink amethyst crystal meaning taps into the potential for transcendental healing and bright metamorphosis when we reconnect to this energy centre, and in turn, to ourselves.
This is about standing on the shores of the soul and coming home to the Self.

The lower chakras of the body include the root and sacral centres. Painted in rouges and sunset golds, they work well with pink amethyst in an energy healing context. Simply place the pink amethyst on the lower abdomen during meditation or when dosing in bed, and allow the warmth to suffuse your lower body, carrying away all the lingering negative energy stored there - painful past experiences, guilt, shame, anger - let it all life from you with the lightness of a rose petal kiss. There is something so beautifully tender about these crystals - they feel like kisses, or gentle brushstrokes. That feeling when someone unexpectedly takes your hand in a busy street and you can't help but smile, or when you're surprised with flowers, a cup of tea, a gift. The awe that swells your heart like a well when a sunset or sunrise paints the skies pink - this is what it feels like to be in the presence of pink amethyst crystals.

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