Labradorite Properties

for the dreamers and healers
“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”
― Rumi
Labradorite is a magical stone. With its luminescent hues, the ancient tribes of the Northern hemisphere once believed it to contain the Northern Lights. The flashes of electric butterfly-blue are due to a phenomenon known as labradorescence and is something special. These stones are reminders that magic is real, if we only open up to receiving it in our lives.
crystal properties at a glance:

~ shamanism ~ dreams ~ healing  ~ energy work ~ reflection ~ meditation ~ transformation ~ change
labradorite crystal meaning

metaphysical proprties


SHAMANISM - labradorite has long been associated with the dreamscapes and visions of shamans. When held in certain lights and at certain angles, this stone shimmers like blue butterfly wings and enhances lucid dreaming, astral projection and the receiving of psychic messages. This is a highly activating stone. If you're feeling the call to step into the role of a healer or ascend on your spiritual journey, then labradorite is for you.

labradorite crystal meaning

ACTIVATING - appearing in many different colours - from lilac, to blue, to peach - labradorite crystals activate, unblock and refuel your chakra system entirely, connecting to each energy centre of corresponding colour.

INSPIRATION - you just have to look at a chunk of labradorite to feel the butterfly wings of inspiration take flight. If you're feeling stuck, demoralised and lacking motivation, labradorite will give you the wings you need. A stone of inspiration, it brings invigorating energy and a new lease of life to passion projects, from renovations to writers block. A stone of restoration.

labradorite meaning

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