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You (hopefully) wash every day. Crystals have personal hygiene standards too.

To cleanse is to flush out the bad and replace with the good: release and refresh.

Observed in calm and habitual rituals like the absent-minded wiping of kitchen surfaces, or the brewing of a detox tea, cleansing is mundane. It is the steamy shower at the end or beginning of a long day. It's also tuning into that inner-witch and consciously shifting old energy.

By asking guests to abandon their shoes, you are essentially cleansing your sacred space, or preventing contamination - physically and metaphysically. Shoes hold a lot of energy: walk a mile in my shoes, if the boot were on the other foot, if the shoe fits

Our feet carry us through life, through our human experiences. In reflexology, the sole contains a map of the body. Soles and souls. Shoes-off is a cleansing ritual. When you wash your hair, veg, sheets, you are cleansing on many levels. Many world religions observe specific cleansing rituals.

~ the ridding of tangible grime is done on the daily, so why are we not cleansing our auras and homes on the regular too? ~

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Olivia, our founder, first discovered the empowering act of ridding her auric field of energetic nasties following an unpleasant psychic attack. In fact, it was this experience that opened the door to her spiritual evolution and, subsequently, this shop. Checking in with ourselves and our sacred items (jewellery, crystals, etc.) is crucial. We call it spiritual maintenance.


Like houseplants or pets, crystals need looking after. They absorb energies from their surroundings and work hard to equalise your own, breathing in your negativity and stress and holding onto it so you don’t have to. As a responsible crystal custodian, it’s vital to release this stagnant energy so that it can return to its natural, unburdened state, ready to receive your newly set intentions and assist you with further healing. The key to a good relationship with your crystals is respect.

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Cleansing crystals is therapeutic and cathartic. It's meditation.

MOON BATH: place your crystals in the light of the full moon and let Selene, the Ancient Greek moon goddess, work her magic.

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WATER: rinse under tap or waterfall; it makes no odds! For a more holistic experience, dip your crystals in a river or hold them above the sand as the waves rush in. Note: check which crystals can be submerged as many don't like the water, such as softer stones, like tourmaline and selenite.

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SOIL CLEANSE: we've heard of many people burying their stones in the garden in the belief that the earth draws out toxins. This is true in the case of living organisms: a western woman walked through the Australian outback with an indigenous tribe and a bad smell seeped from her skin, so they buried her up to the neck in the ground. Once unearthed, her scent was pure. All traces of her poor dairy-heavy Western diet, gone. Much in the same way, when we dig up the stones the next day, they're energetically detoxified. Reborn.

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SMUDGING: smudging utilises the sacred smoke from burning herbs and is a campfire ritual performed by ancient shamans throughout the world to ward off evil spirits and release trapped energy stagnating within people, spaces and objects.

Controversially, white sage is becoming dangerously commercial. This is a plant held sacred to the indigenous communities of the Americas and is now entering mainstream markets, putting it on the endangered list. Unless you can guarantee the ethical growth and harvesting of this plant, we advise against it. Same goes for palo santo.

A good substitute is anything growing in the garden, dried in the sun, window or over a radiator / Aga. English garden favourites are mugwort, rosemary, sage, lavender, bay and roses.

SELENITE: vibrating with a neutral charge, this crystal feels like water in the hand. No wonder it's known as ‘liquid light.' Named after the Greek goddess of the moon, Selene, this crystal works as a brilliant crystal cleanser and charger because it does not retain the energy it comes into contact with. Wave like a wand over your stones, yourself, or place them on the selenite to keep them charged and clear.

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INTENTION: the most powerful tool is the belief in what you’re doing. A mantra is can be helpful here. You recite a mantra to yourself either aloud or internally to bring your focus to your intention. For example, your new moon intention might be to feel more confident and calm. "I am always safe. I am always grounded," serves as a useful mantra. Mantras go well with cleansing, so grab a smudgestick and waft it around the house and empower yourself with your words. Our house favourite is:

"Only energies vibrating with love and light and healing are welcome here."

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