how to choose the right crystal

choosing the right crystal should be breezy

Choosing the right crystal seems daunting; there's so much choice out there. How do I know which one's for me? What if I buy the 'wrong' one? Founder, Olivia, walks you through the process of crystal shopping.


Walking into a peaceful, lofty room above a stationery store in Bristol, I found myself in a hushed crystal shop that most did not know was there…


Light scattered up crisp white walls, refracted in holographic rainbows. Surrounded by bohemian decor, the earthy scent of burning palo santo lifted me to higher places. I was new to crystals and didn’t know what I needed, but on that quiet, golden afternoon, I learnt that it didn’t matter, because the crystals know who they need...

I asked the person at the counter what to expect. Would I have a transcendental experience? Would I wake up with glitter in my hair? Would the secrets of the universe be revealed to me?

“Be led,” she said, and I was.

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Expect nothing and everything – when I left my expectations at the door and trusted the communication between the crystals and my intuition, magic happened.

Online is just as effective as ‘in real life’ – your intuition works both on and offline. Rose quartz is rose quartz. Selenite is selenite. Whether you’re looking at it in a shop or on a screen is irrelevant. Vibes, man.

Be mindful – I’d had repetitive dreams of rose quartz, dreams in which I ached to be around its healing vibrations. Pay attention to the signs unfolding around you as your guides may be trying to tell you something.

 Be open-minded – if you’ve read that a certain crystal is supportive when dealing with anxiety or depression, while it’s probably true, it’s important to select a crystal that’s right for you based on your gut response. We have as much brain matter in our guts as cats do in their heads. Don’t push to be into a crystal just because you like the idea of it.

You can’t mess up – crystal-buying is natural and free-flowing. It is a joyous experience. Crystals are friends forever and aid in all trials and tribulations. Adele doesn’t go on stage without hers.

Trust your judgement + intuition – if you’re led to a stone, go for it.

Ethics – ensure that whomever you buy from knows where and who their crystals came from; none of this anonymous online factory stuff!

Buy from a shop whose vibe you love – enough said.

Don’t choose – be chosen. Open your palms and see what settles there.


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