Heulandite Properties

“Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion.”
― Rumi
heulandite crystal meaning at a glance
meditation ~ healing journey ~ anchor ~ abundance ~ stability ~ grounding ~ sacral chakra ~ sensuality ~ connection ~ passion ~ shame-remover ~ joy
heulandite meaning
Heulandite is part of the zeolite family and comes in many colours and forms. There are richly pigmented pieces in strawberry-red, resembling sugar frosted rose petals. Some come in bright, burning shades of orange, like flames on Bonfire Night, while others are more tonal bronzes, creams and whites. All are beautiful.

heulandite crystal meaning

The colour of the root and sacral chakras, situated at the base of the spine, heulandite anchors you. If you're looking for grounding and shelter from the grip of panic attacks and anxiety, this may well be your support-stone.
crystal meanings
The root chakra is associated with deep connection to Mother Earth, the greatest form of energy protection there is. When we are connected, rooted and planted on the soil, like our guardians, the trees, we are untouchable. When we spend time in nature, we rebalance our entire chakra system and, most notably, we recharge the root chakra. Spending time with this crystal in your home is tantamount to earthing in nature, so does wonderful things for your energy.
crystal meanings
Like its crystal relative, stilbite, vibrating with the intrinsic energy of Universal Love, heulandite has the power to cleanse you completely of unwanted lingering energies whilst balancing the heart chakra with its warm peachy glow. Anything that doesn't bring you complete joy will be blasted from your energy field. Anything that doesn't align with your Higher Self, gone. Hold or have nearby during times of rest and meditation for an enhanced state of relaxation, or simply to infuse your home with loving calm.
crystal meaning
This crystal is imbued with the pure vibration of joy. Associated with the lower chakras, most notably the sacral, it connects us to our pleasure centres and can open the door to a romance refresh. If you're perceiving blocks around your relationships in the bedroom, struggling to connect with yourself or partner/s in a positive way, or lacking passion and the joie de vivre, then this is your crystal. You'll also find that, once you work with crystals and other healing modalities to remove such blocks, opening yourself up to good things, the flow of abundance may be enhanced in your life. Health, wealth and all positive things are intrinsically connected to this centre of the body, so expect windfalls, happy news, surprises and excitement when you do the work here.
heulandite crystal meaning
The sacral chakra is centred around sensuality, pleasure, motivation, passion, lust, libido and joy. When there has been a negative experience involving trauma of some kind, this energy centre can shrink, play small and thus create blocks around intimacy. In essence, this centre at its most clear and charged is a state of bliss and ecstasy. Think 'fire in your loins' - heulandite is literally the colour of fire. It burns away any blocks, dissolves all shame, guilt and other obstructive enemies to this energy centre, so that you may reclaim your power, peace and pleasure.
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