Green Chlorite Properties

time-keeping crystals

"For the present is the point at which time touches eternity" - C.S. Lewis
crystal meaning at a glance:

~ personal growth ~ good things take time ~ heartspace ~ unblocking ~ healing ~ regeneration ~ evolution ~ new projects ~ fresh starts ~ patience
green chlorite phantom quartz

metaphysical properties

NEW ENERGY - inclusions in quartz are essentially other minerals growing within the crystal, assuming the shape of the host, reminding us that we can live together in harmony. Green chlorite aids aura purification and cleansing of environmental pollutants and is really fab for healing and regeneration. Whether it's kick-starting a project or re-kindling with an old flame, giving your job another go or marriage more mojo, green chlorite is BIG for this work of fresh starts and leaps of faith.
green phantom quartz meaning
NEW BEGINNINGS - this crystal is for those looking to try again. Fresh starts, second chances, new beginnings. If you need to draw a line, move on, spark passion, reignite inspiration or give love another chance, get yourself some green chlorite quartz. Bringing you a wholesome dose of nature energies, you'll feel spiritually refreshed and ready to take on anything. Self assurance, confidence, positivity and grounding comes with green chlorite.
green chlorite quartz
GROUNDING - due to the presence of vibrant green minerals suspended within the quartz, this crystal is exceptionally grounding as it channels nature energies, bringing the great outdoors inside. As such, it is both wonderfully uplifting and feels like fresh air for the soul, whilst helping you to stay calm and grounded.
HEARTSPACE - connected to the green heart chakra (energy centre), green chlorite crystal properties can include deep heart healing on an emotional level as well as trauma release from this area.
PATIENCE - just as the chlorite phantoms within reach upwards and evolve slowly, we are reminded by these crystals that good things take time.
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