gold pyrite crystal meaning

empress of abundance

"Giving thanks for abundance is sweeter than the abundance itself" - Rumi

gold pyrite

crystal meaning at a glance:
~ abundance ~ wealth ~ money ~ manifesting ~ grounding ~ personal power ~ invigorating ~ sun energy ~ rooted ~ career ~ hustle ~ flow ~ positivity ~ fertility

metaphysical properties
ABUNDANCE - gold pyrite, formerly known as fool's gold for obvious reasons, has long been associated with wealth, money and abundance. If these are areas which you'd like to work on, let gold pyrite be your ally. Connected with the lower chakras (root, sacral and solar plexus), this crystal creates the conditions conducive to wealth: self-belief, stamina, energy and motivation.
gold pyrite meaning
Simply, there is an air of abundance around this crystal; it is positively charged with it and humming with money. The  trick with abundance (and any wish, in life), is gratitude. Being grateful for both what we have and what we do not yet have, but seek, is the most effective tool for manifestation there is. That, and actually putting in the work. Gotta hustle!
gold pyrite for abundance
When we practise gratitude for the things we yearn for but are not yet physically here, we actively invite them into our reality energetically. We call in our desires. This is potent magic and is something traditionally named the Law of Attraction. Be grateful for that book deal. Be grateful for that adventure to India. Be grateful for your dream home, child, pet or partner. With gold pyrite as the constant reminder of your own personal power to change your life, you'll become magnetic.
gold pyrite
ABUNDANCE BLOCKS - this is a phenomena commonly experienced by those who've lost fortunes, experienced poverty in this life or a previous one. Abundance blocks are negative energies or low vibrational frequencies located at the wealth centres of the body - namely, the root and sacral chakras, which are associated with stability, financial security, safety and a feeling of belonging. If we experience sudden upheaval (moving abroad, divorce, or even positive but impactful events), we can be thrown off kilter and our chakras responsible for generating and manifesting wealth shrink and contract.
gold pyrite
Often, you'll become aware you've got an abundance block because you'll contract every time you spend money, no matter how small the purchase. We call this a transaction contraction. The more we contact around money, the more strained and difficult our relationship with it becomes. Gold pyrite will help you work through any money blocks you may be harbouring. Welcoming it into your life is like turning the light on, or basking the golden summer sun!
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