fluorite crystal meaning

communicator of the crystal kingdom 

"we're all just walking each other home" - Ram Dass
Fluorite is the stone for unblocking the communication centres of the body, allowing truth to freely flow. 
green fluorite meaning
crystal meaning at a glance:
~ calming ~ focus ~ stimulating ~ unblocking ~ healing ~ throat chakra ~ communication ~ spirit guides ~ voice ~ speech ~ expression ~ creativity
fluorite crystal meaning

metaphysical properties

THROAT CHAKRA HEALING - bluey-green fluorite is an aid in times of voicelessness, both literally and metaphorically. If you feel as though your voice is not heard or does not matter, or if you lose it altogether through laryngitis, this stone is needed to dislodge whatever blockage exists around you, your confidence and right to self-expression and speaking your truth. Perhaps there was aa time in which you were silenced, humiliated or persecuted for believing what you did, for sharing something big or personal with someone else. Perhaps you were made to feel small, or told to 'shut up' by partners or authority figures. It's time to un-learn the silence and compromise. Replace shut up with open up. It's time to speak your truth, be who you are unapologetically and dance through life.
~ it's your time to be heard ~
polished fluorite
COMMUNICATION - fluorite is worked with by many people who work in busy client or customer-facing roles; jobs that demand using your voice in order to communicate ideas, strategise, argue a case or sell. Many practising lawyers and actors 'find their voice' with the support of this crystal as it helps build self confidence, belief and strength in your arguments. This is a wonderful piece for those in sales and anyone who relies on communication in order to get the job done - even journalists, for example.
HEARTSPACE - green fluorite is wonderful for gently opening the heart chakra, which is also green, and tenderly encouraging any stagnant energy related to emotional trauma to step out and fly away, so it bothers and burdens you no longer.
fluorite meaning


Fluorite comes in loads of different colours, therefore tapping into different energy centres (chakras) within the body.
Chakras are multi-pigmented energy wheels found in the body, from the top of the head to the bottom of the feet. Blockages can form in the chakras when emotions are not regulated effectively and, in time, make us unwell.
~ it's vital not to be too prescriptive with crystals and spirituality, but, generally, crystal colours correspond with chakra colours ~
The bluey-teal coloured fluorite stones are wonderful for the throat, third eye and crown chakras, while the green is best for heart chakra use.
~ any crystal can be used for any chakra. It's all about feeling into it and going where you are led ~
HEART CHAKRA - releasing emotional trauma, releasing ex-lovers, healing from breakups, healing divorce, healing romantic issues, healing self-love / relationship to self, love, compassion, forgiveness
THROAT CHAKRA - communication, freedom of expression, speech, finding your voice, self-confidence, self-belief, self-trust, self-esteem, speaking your truth
THIRD EYE CHAKRA - seeing clearly, clairvoyance, spirit communication, spirit guides, spirit connection
CROWN CHAKRA - spiritual guidance, clairaudience, spirit communication, ascension, dreams, focus, creativity, artists and writers
how to work with fluorite
It's easy to overthink this. Bath, bed, bra, wallet or yoga mat. There's no right way about it. Go where you're guided. That said, many feel called to place fluorite on the heart, hollow of the the throat or between the brows.
~ just hang out with your crystals. that's all there is to it ~
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 *disclaimer: always seek medical advice if you are unwell; never rely on crystals*

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