Crystals for Valentine's Day

You've traipsed through soulless shops in search of the perfect gift. You've glazed over as you scroll mindlessly online. Inspiration eludes you. Everything's either too expensive or unimaginative. Nothing says 'I love you' or ' thank you for being here, with me and my moods, after all this time.' And so you cave, buy some generic jewellery or flowers instead. Traditional. Can't possibly go wrong, right? Wrong.

Rose quartz

You need something beautiful, bespoke, one-of-a-kind, made by Mama Nature, deep in the womb of the world. You need something that literally no one else has. My friend, you need crystals.

Revered by Cleopatra for its wombspace-nourishing properties, rose quartz, with its pretty pink glow, is a traditional favourite for beginners and seasoned crystal collectors alike. This crystal is associated with love and matters of the heart. It syncs the energy flow between the heartspace and wombspace, which are physiologically and energetically linked. Rose quartz clears away stagnant energies lingering there from previous hurt, trauma and emotional pain, so that bright new love can flow in. Only when we process the past and release our grip on the agony or wrongdoings we suffered, can we truly welcome the present, and our futures. All the joy to come.

Rose quart crystals

Rose quartz warms the chakra system. This healing crystal invites positivity into the home and body, aligning you with the highest frequency of Pure Love. When we align energetically with something, we attract it. So, if you seek love - be it romantic, or towards yourself - or wish to gift it, look no further than rose quartz. 

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