crystals for beginners

we walk you through an initiation to crystals

The world is a-shimmer with crystals. There are so many to choose from. The more you search, the more befuddled you become. You find yourself relating to all the descriptions, being drawn to everything you see and seduced by the romantic meanings behind these minerals. The process of investing in ‘the right’ crystal as a beginner, when you know next to nothing about the properties – both metaphysical and geological – can be overwhelming. rose quartz crystal ROSE QUARTZ – thought of as a ‘gateway’ crystal for many moons because of its easy-to-work-with energy, you can’t go wrong. However, we always recommend going for what calls you. If it's a piece of black tourmaline, go for it. Olivia's first crystals were a combination of rose quartz, selenite and black tourmaline.
SIZE DOESN'T MATTER – you’ve seen the incredible photos of amethyst cathedrals towering over people’s heads at gem shows and crystal points the length of branches. These are impressive, but when you’re at the dawn of your crystal discovery, starting small is wise. Crystals are powerful beings, which is why it's cool to introduce them to your energy field in small doses, working your way up to larger specimens. That said, if you feel called by a giant piece, absolutely go for it.
~ there a really are no rules here, and that's the fun of it! Personally, we find that larger pieces do pack more of a punch, but that's just us! ~
lumerian quartz
DON'T OVERTHINK THIS – we live in a world of reason and rationale. Don't let this get in the way of your flowing intuition. Be guided and go where you are called. If you find yourself lusting after a clear quartz, get a clear quartz. Don't base your crystal shopping decisions on what articles in wellness magazines say you need:
~ spirituality is not prescriptive ~
chakra cleansing
CLEANSING – when your crystal comes home, cleanse it of any negative energies it may’ve come into contact with. Most crystals enjoy being submerged in clean water – a river, stream, spring or ocean – but some can't bear it - selenite and tourmaline are a couple. Generally, if it's quartz, you should be fine with an aqua-cleanse. Smoke cleanses in incense or the smoke from herbal smudgesticks are also wonderful.
~ an optimal time to cleanse is during new moon, the start of a new chapter ~  
TRUST YOUR INTUITION – have faith in yourself, your intuition, your judgement, your beliefs and your power to know what's right for you. Go with your gut when in a crystal shop, on or offline. Gravitate, be led.
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