crystals for anxiety

Founder, Olivia, shares her advice on crystals for anxiety. 

If I had a dollar for every time I’m asked, “what’s the best crystal for anxiety?" I wouldn’t need to practise my abundance charms. In a world of stale politics, so-called equality and the irrational fear that we’re not being feminist enough, it’s easy to feel triggered, stressed and anxious af. 

crystals for anxiety

My anxiety was a direct result of the toxic, one-size-fits-all schoolscape in which I’d spent most of my life.

~ as a highly intuitive empath and non-linear soul, being faced with ‘university or nothing’ at A Levels prompted a break down ~

Total collapse. There must be more to life, I thought, than being pumped through the system when it’s clearly not working for me. It was a dark time of existential crisis.

For many, university and the shiny workplace beyond represents the freedom, creativity and future they yearn for. For me, it was merely an extension of my suffering. I knew in my heart that I’d reach an equally shiny place, just via an alternative route. A route not discussed at school. A route covered by branches, cleverly disguised as dead ends, that must be discovered independently, without support and often with great difficulty. This needs to change. Attitudes towards forging our own paths must change. Business and entrepreneurship must be openly taught in schools and the branches pulled back, but this is another mater entirely…

Post-breakdown, crystals helped me to heal. Not just the crystals themselves, but the focal point they provided and the specific energies or chakra points they supported my work in. Physical health has always been championed. Mental health is only just becoming a recognised, normalised and de-stigmatised area, but what about spiritual health? This space of wellness, regeneration, release and healing is so overlooked and it’s to the detriment of society. Western medicine is predicated on an outmoded Renaissance concept of body as machine. How reductive.

~ if we acknowledged that we are so much more than a set of cells, humanity would be a highly functioning, extraordinarily more healthy and productive species ~


healing crystals

Crystals are often bracketed with the socks-and-sandals of 1969, discrediting the profound healing energies imbued within them. For too long have they been considered ‘woowoo,’ and ‘out there.’ If woowoo is to imply ‘crazy,’ then, frankly, it’s ‘woowoo’ for the human race to continue trudging along blindly into the void, asleep, never having levelled up on the scale of consciousness, denying ourselves a spiritual experience in our human form.

~ Eckhart Tolle said that we’re energy from the universe, simply expressing itself as human for a little while ~

Life in this body really is too short to sniff at crystals or mysticism.

anxiety crystals

~ a little cautionary skepticism is grounding, but cynicism is just plain tragic ~
If something works, it works. Science is always proving things which are later disproved and vice versa. Science is indecisive. Science can be wrong. It is subject to change. Science said that the world was flat. Just think what this means for spirituality.
~ there is an undeniable higher intelligence at work. In our breathing, in our thinking, in our growing babies from blood and stardust in the womb. There is a certain unspoken magic at work. Genetics and energetics ~


Go for what calls you. It’s as simple as that.

We love to overthink, research and base our decisions on what the head thinks rather than what the heart feels, but the truth is that our intuition knows far more than we do. The crystals themselves will speak to you; you’ll feel attracted to certain pieces, possibly dream of them and feel their presence in your energy field already. When this happens, you need that crystal in your life. Your guides are communicating, showing you the signs.

~ browse online or in stores and allow yourself to gravitate. Naturally, you'll float towards something that's right for you, right now ~

That's the one. You could even ask the universe to be guided to the right crystal for you beforehand. Don't be shy in asking for what you want and putting requests out there.

crystals for mental health

Our choices are based on associations. Rose quartz is the classic: we want to soothe a broken heart, so what do we reach for? Rose quartz, the love stone. While there is good reason to choose this heart healer, what we may actually feel more drawn to is a totally different crystal because, in order to heal the heart, we must first address another chakra or area of the body, work with different energies first.

That said, through working with myriad crystals, I do recommend the following for anxiety:


All about the soothing Earth chakra, stored at the soles of the feet. You’ll feel the deeply grounding, almost sedative effect of this crystal immediately.


Brilliant for sucking all the bad vibes away, like a spiritual vacuum!


Because, let’s face it, a little bit of self-love is a great starting point.


As the crystal associated with clearing negative energy attachments and healing old emotional trauma, apophyllite crystals make wonderful allies when facing anxiety.


The blooming flower-shaped inclusions within these stones remind us that, like beautiful buds in nature, growth is a process that we must trust. It’ll happen. Many like to have this stone in their pockets or palms or beneath pillows due to its strong grounding effects and inherent symbolism. Sometimes, anxiety is a result of things not working out quite how we’d imaged, or because we’re riddled with uncertainty about the future, about making choices and changes, or maybe because we yearn for choice and change.. Things will change. They will come to you. Believe. Trust. Patience. This is the stone for blossoming. This is the stone for becoming.


Crystals containing phantoms are symbolic of growth and personal development, both of which take time.


~ spend that time with your new crystal friends. Simply ‘hang out’ with them ~

It’s so easy to overcomplicate magic and mysticism, but this stuff really doesn't have to be involve screaming at the moon. Sometimes, all it takes to feel better about things is to look at a beautiful crystal. They’re like house plants, greenery and flowers: immediately uplifting and joyous. Taking a soulful stroll through the woods, in nature, is only going to lift the spirits. As crystals are a part of nature, it’s logical that they should have the same mood-enhancing effect with their beauty alone, let alone the metaphysical magic resting within.

Whichever stone finds you in your search of crystals for anxiety, may it bring you love, light and positivity. Remember to cleanse it and set the intention, asking for support. In this case, with anxiety. 


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