Clear Quartz Crystal Properties

let's get this crystal-clear.

If you want to find the secrets of the universe you must think in terms of Energy, Frequency, and Vibration" - Nikola Tesla

Master Healer of the crystal kingdom, clear quartz has a reputation for being the go-to crystal for beginners and the spiritually curious and has many metaphysical properties associated with healing.
clear quartz crystal meaning

crystal meaning at a glance:

~ clarity ~ focus ~ seeing things clearly ~ cleansing ~ healing ~ energy refresh ~ detoxifying ~ purifying ~ vibration-raising ~ calmness ~ inner peace ~

metaphysical properties


HEALING - clear quartz crystals have many magical properties, but they mainly seek out your spiritual sore spots, connecting with them in a bespoke healing therapy that's tailored to you. No crystal will work in the same way with other people. You're your own person and the crystal will connect with you in an entirely unique way. This helps to alleviate emotional pain and release energetic blockages, setting you free. This crystal opens the door for you and lets the light in.

clear quartz meaning

CLARITY - they say that clear quartz is wonderful for inviting clarity into your life, clearing the cobwebs of the mind and illuminating the things we keep hidden in the shadows, making it an ally in self-help and personal development work. Digging things up about ourselves can be challenging and this crystal takes the edge off with its comforting presence. If you're faced with a difficult decision and need some external guidance, you need this crystal in your life. 

CLEANSE - vibrating with pure light, clear quartz makes for a wonderful entrance-way cleanser, like airport security! Place near a doorway, on a coffee table or bookshelf and let its calming frequencies get to work, ridding your space of bad vibes. Think of clear quartz like a spiritual diffuser. Pop it on a surface and let it do its thing.

MAGNIFY - this crystal not only raises the vibration of neighbouring energies, but also amplifies them, so be mindful of where you're at. Of course, crystals are intrinsically benevolent and will never conspire against you, so negative emotions won't be amplified in the presence of clear quartz. The point is that quartz simply enhances the goodness around it. If you're consciously channeling pure love during a meditation or just holding the crystal, it'll magnify that intention, sending it out into your space and making it feel blissful. Ever noticed how peaceful and ethereal houses with crystals feel? Otherworldly, sacred, like temples. This is why.


Without pigmentation, clear quartz is versatile and can be applied to any chakra point during energy work or meditation to enhance energy flow and dissolve energetic blockages. Chakras are energy centres within the body. Located from head to toe, they run in alignment throughout our physical form and, like pores, can become blocked because of stagnant pools of energy or unprocessed trauma knotted within.

Clear quartz is artful when it comes to unblocking chakras because it infuses the space with light and re-calibrates the chakra point on a profound cellular level. 

rainbows in crystals

Any rainbows within crystals are indicative of where the stone endured trauma during its growth process, deep within the womb of the world. Once healed, these internal cracks reflect light in beautiful rainbow colours, serving as a reminder that there is beauty in our breakage and honour in our humanity.

how to work with clear quartz


Don't overthink it. Place the crystal where you feel guided. This could be on your body or on the bed. Sometimes, we feel the need to place ours under pillows, under the bed itself, in our pockets, purses and bras! Miranda Kerr famously has giant chunks of this crystal outside her home, standing century at her gatepost to cleanse guests of any negative energy they'd otherwise tread into the house with them.

Try placing on parts of the body when lying down (eg in bed or at yoga) that need attention or are related to a situation requiring clarity or healing. For example, if you can't read people clearly and need to develop your intuition, place on the third eye chakra. For decision-making and clarity in love, place over the heartspace. 

Coffee tables, bookshelves, kitchen islands and nightstands. They look fabulous anywhere and work magic wherever they find themselves.

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 *disclaimer: always seek medical advice if you are unwell; never rely on crystals*

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