Chalcedony Crystal Properties

the husher, soother, lullaby-singer
“Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion.”
― Rumi
blue chalcedony crystal meaning at a glance:

~ calm ~ peace ~ healing  ~ rest ~ throat ~ speech ~ communication ~ speaking truth ~ freedom of expression ~ open up to life
blue chalcedony meaning
As cool and soothing as the great oceans or a rolling river, blue chalcedony is the crystal for change, flexibility, moving through life with grace, calm and going fearlessly with the flow. Blue chalcedony meaning is all around inviting inner peace, deep soothing and a sense of calm into your life.
~ find stillness ~
CHANGE - If you have just moved house, accepted a new job, changed careers, ended relationships, or plan to make similarly big changes in your life, this stone is calling for you.
blue chalcedony meaning
THROAT - being the colour of the throat chakra, this crystal will aid in any form of orating, from board room meetings, to public speaking.
~ think self-expression, freedom to speak your truth, sharing yourself with the world, BEING YOU ~
If you've been holding back, biting your tongue or suppressing true feelings, blue chalcedony will clear all those blocks away, opening up your path to freedom, healing and release. Truly, this is the stone for liberation. The speaker's stone. Lawyers, coaches, businesspeople, sellers, singers, actors, writers, journalists, presenters - those whose work depends on the use of voice or words - will find comfort in the presence of this crystal.
~ you have nothing to fear when speaking your truth ~
black crystals

black chalcedony meaning at a glance

grounding ~ base chakra ~ soul star chakra ~ calming ~ relaxation ~ negativity remover ~ stability ~ patience ~ acceptance ~ surrender 
Black chalcedony has long been associated with a deep sense of peace and grounding. This chakra is responsible for bringing us back Earthside and keeping us calm. As such, this type of crystal meaning is one of rest, positivity, surrender and bliss.
black chalcedony crystals

This crystal is of the quartz family and sings with a deeply restorative reverberation, like the background hum of the universe, locking into your primal root chakra, helping to anchor and support you in this world, this life. Black as ravens on a moonless night, this type of chalcedony resonates with your earth star chakra, the black transpersonal portal beneath the soles of the feet associated with very deep grounding, stability, sense of security and safety. This crystal is a tonic for anxiety and feelings of floating or drifting through life. If you feel helpless, directionless, purposeless, bring this crystal home to you.

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