black tourmaline meaning

force field shield in crystal form
"All the gods, all the heavens, all the hells, are within you" - Joseph Campbell
Black tourmaline is the stone for protection; shielding from negative energy and removing unwelcome entities.
crystal meaning at a glance:
~ cleansing ~ protection ~ grounding ~ force field shield ~ detox ~no negativity
metaphysical properties
PROTECTION - black tourmaline is renowned for being the most protective stone of all - more so than others such as shungite and obsidian. Don't let its darkness scare or put you off; we need to imitate the shadows if we are to ward them off. Think of it like Celtic tribal warriors; painting their faces and clattering their shields in order to disperse negative energies at Samhain (Halloween) festival.
Obsidian is often reached for in times of need, but we don't stock it due to a certain untrustworthy energy around it. There is an element of slyness to it, like a black cat (we actually love black cats). We've heard various stories of how people have been protected by obsidian, but in very impactful, surreal ways. For example, someone wished to be protected from the bad vibes their boss was bound to emit during a work lunch, and, on their way to the restaurant, fell and broke their leg. They ended up missing the lunch as they were admitted to A&E. Yes, the obsidian did its job, but in an unstable, dramatic way. Black tourmaline, on the other hand, really feels like a true ally. It is your tough best friend, your big, bad brother, a guardian angel.
This wonderful shop all began with a chunk of black tourmaline due to its magical metaphysical properties that would protect our founder, Olivia, from unwelcome negative entities. A natural clairvoyant, she decided it was time to arm herself appropriately, and no psychic-protection arsenal is complete without black tourmaline. With a negative charge, this protection stone repels anything or anyone vibrating on a low level - whether its bitchy Brenda from the office, or an unpleasant intruder in the night. This stone works to fortify your force field (or aura), altering its state over time so that it eventually acts like a cell membrane: intelligently filtering out any nasties whilst letting the light in.
~ black tourmaline is a spiritual sanitiser ~
black tourmaline
GROUNDING - black tourmaline is a tonic for anxiety in the sense that it stabilises the entire energy body through anchoring the black Earth Star charka, situated at the soles of the feet and connecting us Earthside. This has a deeply grounding effect on the mind, body and soul and, as such, helps to alleviate some symptoms of anxiety. This chakra is not only associated with grounding, but also with flushing toxins from the energy body. A lot of tension and energetic grit and grime is held in the feet - they literally carry us from place to place, from meeting to meeting, and not all are positive!
black tourmaline
~ it's vital not to be too prescriptive with crystals and spirituality, but, generally, crystal colours correspond with chakra colours ~
Being the colour of a panther in the night, black tourmaline is associated with the Earth Star chakra, which you can read about above. In essence, it grounds, protects and detoxifies.
~ any crystal can be used for any chakra. It's all about feeling into it and going where you are led ~

black tourmaline
how to work with black tourmaline
It's easy to overthink this. Bath*, bed, bra, wallet or yoga mat. There's no right way about it. Go where you're guided. That said, many feel called to place black tourmaline at the feet. It's especially lovely to place it at the soles during a Reiki treatment or in the bedroom to protect at night. 
*not all crystals like the water, black tourmaline is one of them! 
~ just hang out with your crystals. that's all there is to it ~
 **disclaimer: always seek medical advice if you are unwell; never rely on crystals*

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