Aquamarine Properties

the travellers' stone

"And you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself?" - Rumi


crystal meaning at a glance:
~ protection ~ travel ~ talisman ~ ocean energy ~ throat ~ healing ~ freedom of expression ~ speaking your truth ~ communication

TRAVEL - due to its ocean-blue pigmentation, aquamarine has long been considered the travellers' stone. The crystal that seafarers nestle into their pockets, reminding them of home; lucky talismans for strength and fortune while voyaging across the seven seas. They believed that aquamarine would keep them safe, which is why it's so well-travelled these days. Many hop on flights or cruises with the protective presence of aquamarine, a precious stone.

FOLKLORE - in ancient stories, aquamarine was said to be a treasure of mermaids, containing the magical properties of the sea: the ability to calm, soothe, release and wash over. 'Aquamarine' is derived from the Latin 'water of the sea.'

THROAT - the colour of the throat chakra, aquamarine meaning is connected to the energy of this space, which is all about sharing your voice with the world; speaking your truth. If you feel drawn to aquamarine it is due to these metaphysical properties. Perhaps it's time to express yourself freely, without fear. Now is your time.


HIGH PRIESTESS / GODDESS ENERGY - there is undeniably a sense of the opulent about this stone. Just holding it in your hand feels sacred, special, and you can quite understand why aquamarine jewellery (especially engagement rings) is becoming so popular. The energy of aquamarine is pure, high-vibrational, healing and dazzling. This is a stone of abundance and opulence. Having it in your pocket makes you feel like a queen. There's something empowering about it; deep magic is at work. To be aquamarine it is to kiss the feet of an empress. The girls at White Witch Collective feel like empresses when they hang out with aquamarine because it's just so ethereally beautiful and special. You feel as though you're in the presence of the divine.


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