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angel of the crystal kingdom

In a crystal we have clear evidence of the existence of a formative life principle, and though we cannot understand the life of a crystal, it is nonetheless a living being. Nikola Tesla

A personal favourite, apophyllite is unmistakably angelic, like crystalline angel feathers, you'll hear the flutter of wings close byAngelic stones, apophyllite crystals appear in your life when there is cause for deep healing. From the Greek ‘to flake off,’ apophyllite crumbles when heated, along with old emotional frontiers formed around you, when you work with this stone.


apophyllite crystal meaning


apophyllite properties at a glance:

~ cleansing ~ calming ~ reassuring ~ releasing ~ processing trauma ~ healing ~ energy detox ~ inner peace ~ angelic communication ~ spirit guides ~ ancestral connection ~ universal love ~ protection ~ safe space

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metaphysical properties

HEALING - apophyllite works with you in releasing suppressed emotional and physical trauma, even that of past lifetimes, from many moons ago. Different lives lived, different pains known. Apophyllite is empowering and supportive to those unburdening themselves of stagnant energy and dealing with emotional trauma rooted in the formative childhood years. This is the most powerful stone at de-armouring. Whilst vibrating with the gentlest energy, apophyllite crystals create a safe space in which we feel at ease to let go of what burdens us.

TRAUMA RELEASE - this crystal makes light work of heavy subjects. With every negative experience inflicting pain, shame, humiliation, guilt and fear on us, we close ourselves off a little more to ourselves and the world, making it increasingly difficult for the light of healing to reach and set us free. Often, we find ourselves in a state of denial until we reach breaking-point. All that emotion needs somewhere to go. 

Trauma, from the German for ‘wound,’ describes any hurt, fear or negative emotion that affected you deeply. Trauma can be sustained even from seemingly innocuous instances, like when you lost your favourite toy as a child, or when you were shouted at. Anything that shocks or upsets us can create trauma and this lingers in the body until it is released.

~ apophyllite softly unfolds our petals of self-preservation, revealing what hides within ~
apophyllite crystal meaning

It guides us through processing and releasing trauma, restoring strength to our hearts and faith in humanity. These apophyllite properties make it the ideal complementary crystal in therapy and healing.

SPIRITUAL CONNECTION - of all apophyllite crystal meanings, this is by far the most famed. Whether it's making contact with a loved one beyond our physical realms, developing psychic abilities or feeling more connected with Spirit World, guides and guardian angels, apophyllite is the magic key.

~ think of it as a phone line to the other side ~
green apophyllite
We often have customers looking for apophyllite in the hopes of bridging the gap between this world and the next. Of course, making contact involves many factors - the state of relaxation we're in at the time; our belief in these esoteric pursuits and how perceptible we are to the signs from above. The 'clairs' (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience) are muscles that require exercising in order to develop and grow stronger.

MEDITATION - many work with apophyllite in meditation to bond closely with their guardian angels and to invoke the tender presence of archangels such as Michael, for protection, and Raphael, for healing. These guys are our wingmen (pun intended), especially during treatments.


apophyllite crystal meaning


Apophyllite presents in myriad colour-ways, thus affecting its metaphysical properties, meaning that its magic can be harnessed for work with various chakra points.

Chakras are multi-coloured energy centres located in the body, running in alignment from the crown of the head to the base of the feet. These pools of energy frequently become blocked when emotions are not consciously processed, acknowledged and released. In time, these energetic blockages can materialise as physical dis-ease in the body, which is why chakra meditation and crystals are so beneficial to a holistic state of wellbeing.

apophyllite crystal meanings

~ it's important not to be too prescriptive with crystals and things of a spiritual nature, but, generally, crystal colours correspond with chakra colours ~

For example, a green apophyllite crystal would connect well to the green heart chakra, whereas a clear crystal would activate all chakras, especially the ones located at the third eye and above. That said...

~ any crystal can be used for any chakra. It's all about feeling into it and going where you are led ~

rainbows in crystals

Rainbows within crystals are indicative of where the stone endured trauma during its growth process, deep within the womb of the world. Once healed, these internal cracks reflect light in beautiful rainbow colours, serving as a reminder that there is beauty in our breakage and honour in our humanity.

apophyllite metaphysical properties

how to work with apophyllite

It's easy to overthink this. Sometimes, we feel called to place crystals under our pillows or by our entrance-ways. Iconically, Miranda Kerr keeps crystals at the entrance to her house, warding away negative energy and keeping guests cleansed on arrival into her space. Play with placing crystals on parts of your body that need some love when lying down (eg in bed or at yoga).

~ just hang out with your crystals. That's all there is to it ~
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 *disclaimer: always seek medical advice if you are unwell; never rely on crystals*


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