Amphibole Crystal Meaning

"Basically, there is simply nothing to worry about, because you yourself are the eternal energy of the universe" - Alan Watts

crystal meanings at a glance

grounding ~ energetic healing ~ anti-anxiety ~ uplifting ~ inspiration ~ creativity ~ cleansing ~ love ~ relationships ~ friendship ~ family ~ psychic work ~ intuition ~ angelic connection ~ spiritual ascension 

Amphibole quartz has captivated the world for the last few years due to its unearthly beauty. Otherworldly brushstrokes of wispy minerals float, suspended like angel wings, within the quartz crystal body, giving it the affectionate nickname, Angel Phantom Quartz. These crystals evoke the feeling of flying, soaring high above the clouds on cotton wool, which is loosely how it translates in Brazil, the only country it has been found to date, making it a very rare crystal indeed. 
metaphysical properties
Depending on the type of quartz crystal is hosting the amphibole minerals, your stone can possess a lot of power.
HEALING - clear quartz has many magical properties, but it mainly seeks out your spiritual sore spots, removing stubborn energetic blockages. No crystal will work in the same way with two people. You're your own person and the crystal will connect with you in an entirely unique way. This helps to alleviate emotional pain and release energetic blockages, setting you free. This crystal opens the door for you and lets the light in.
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PROTECTION - smoky quartz is connected with protective frequencies and some scientific studies have proven a connection with the ability to shield against harmful EMF radiation (from electrical devices, such as phones etc). To read on about smoky quartz properties, click here.
amphibole quartz meaning
there are amalgamations of multiple minerals included within amphibole, including, but not necessarily, the following:
limonite - some say that this yellowy-gold mineral facilitates connection with and healing of the inner-child wound. Associated with the honey solar plexus chakra situated at the stomach, this mineral deals with issues of power; power struggle; dynamics in relationships with friends, partners, parents and how power manifests itself within them. It deals also with matters of confidence, self-belief and trusting our gut, quite literally.
amphibole meaning
kaolinate - the fine white clay that porcelain is made from, this mineral is responsible for a sense of possibility. When mountains seem as though they cannot be moved, you want this mineral in your space. It's what gives amphibole crystal their creamy, grey and earthy pigments. This is a grounding force which encourages us to push on and achieve.
haematite - from the Greek for 'blood,' hematite or haematite is a ruby-red inclusion within amphibole quartz that connects to the energies that dwell in the heartspace and wombspace. Hematite is an incredibly stabilising force, so works wonders when dealing with feelings of panic and anxiety. It's also incredibly potent when it comes to protection from psychic attack / negative energies. Hematite can occur in greyish forms, also, reminding of the icy winds of Canada, where it is sometimes found. This crystal mineral promotes harmony, peace and emotional balance within. Some maintain that this crystal mineral is good for the kidneys, blood and liver due to its detoxifying properties, and that it strengthens the core chakras relating to connection, grounding, sensuality, creativity and stability: the root, sacral and solar plexus.
amphibole crystal meaning
lithium - the colour of pale rose petals or rich reds and plums, lithium is the mineral associated with removing negative energetic and emotional attachments to painful memories, people and places through reinforcing a positive flow of energy. This is the antidote to disharmony in relationships, the restorer of joy, passion and creative flair, as well as bridging the gap to the inner-self. Lithium connects us to ourselves deeply. From this potent space of self-awareness, we are able to make better decisions and live a more wholesome life.
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